Friday, May 02, 2008

KK Trip : SKUNK2 Camber Kits & Adjustable Coilovers Installation

This morning i had to sacrifice my sleep due to the fact i made appointment for my mechanic to come over to my house and install the toys. It was Labour Day today so most shops were closed and i didnt want to waste time during this visit to KK. Consider myself lucky to have a door-to-door service mechanic.

Before i start this long story, for everyones information, i have not seen any complete story about anyone in this world fixing both of these goodies together at the same time on a Honda Integra DA6. I did a lot of online searches lately but most pix shown were only after the installation process. God knows what shit was happening in between the process of installation.

I have seen lotsa pix but somehow or rather im curious on what camber settings and what shock absobers were used to mate with the SKUNK2 toys. Furthermore, most of the mods done were in US, which means the car used mostly was an Acura based model and not JDM DA6. Conversions can be done even to make it RHD but the mix and match parts with the USDM parts might affect others around the world whom might be doing the same mods.

Well, someone has to try it on a JDM DA6. Furthermore i already knew and heard that no one has done this project locally, yet this project is still a big go.

Since Meor and An has successfully installed their camber kits in their EF Civics, i was crossing my fingers and prayed nothing extra that needs to be done to fit such a simple bolt-on mods.

Below are all the pix taken during the process of the installation and here are the findings and solutions :

  • We found out that the camber kits were prolly half an inch or an inch short compared to the original. We had to jacked out and widen the camber kits which took few minutes. *phew*
  • We found out only 4 thick o-rings has been provided for the front shock absobers. Since the car was still using original Honda shock absobers, we had to use 4 medium o-rings for each rear shocks to reduce freeplay from the sleeves. *phew*

After the installation, i did not drive the car and let it sit in the garage for wheel alignment tomorrow morning. If you have noticed, the car looked that it has not been "lowered" by the adjustable coilover height adjustments. My mechanic had actually lowered all the springs and locked it at the lowest point.

Why is it not slammed to the ground yet? :

  • After the wheel alignment tomorrow and since i have a couple of days left, i might want to drive around and let the springs settle down and bind accordingly. Be patient and see what happens.
  • Since the car is still using original long stroke shock absobers, nothing much can be done to slam the car unless its those newer aftermarket short strokes versions.

My assumption :

  • Maybe SKUNK2 wanted to match the adjustable coilover kit with their SKUNK2 shock absobers for non-full coilovers customers?

My expectations :

  • I tried to press the front and rear and looks like i can feel the firmness from the springs. Since the 10kg/8kg were meant for DA models, im truely happy. Swapping to 8kg/6kg Civic models might just defeat the purpose of good handling and stability on the DA.
  • I hope after the wheel alignment and camber setting, the feeling on the road should be smooth and harder compared to before.

My brother's expectation :

  • Do or die it has to be lowered.
All detailed information for today's trial and error results i have updated Chris personally and hopefully he can relay the message to SKUNK2 HQ on the JDM DA6 installation findings.

I know im dead tired since morning but im happy with the installation.

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