Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Custom Battery Relocation Project

It has been like 2 years i think ive been dreaming in my head with a sketch to have a battery relocation kit. 2 years is the same time when i dreamt about my rollcage which eventually i got it this year. I took the opportunity to be a guinea-pig(yeah yeah someone has to be one sooner or later) to do something out of the ordinary. I would love to have the SARD battery relocation kit but its dead costly for something nice and non-performance related.

Anyways, after the recent boot bar fabrication ordeal, i requested for a battery relocation kit since especially mine is bare open at the rear. So something had to cover it nicely and also to prevent any toxic gases from hovering my cabin chamber. I requested my design to Suhaimi(Ayi's Brother). After a week, the box was ready to be fitted in. The hard part is when Ayi had to fit the old mount inside the box which he had to drill more holes on the base. The process took about 2-3 hours to mount. The rest of the aluminium weld has been pre-done before i arrived. The box was fitted perfectly and if there was an inch bigger, it wouldnt fit *phew*.

As usual Hizam had his polish bottle and cloth. The shine is amazing after the hard polish. It is not easy to shine aluminium surfaces and YES, please buy a good aluminium shine cream/spray/wax and whatever. One scratch and the el-cheapo solution will ruin everything. The Option sticker is just some JDM thingy :p