Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project SAMCO

Last March i did some upgrade to almost all my engine hoses from Sard to Samco. The good thing about my engine is that i do not have so many of vacuum hoses (4mm & 6mm) unlike my brother's old B16A. My Sard hoses were starting to get soft and i decided to replace them. It all started with the radiator hoses i installed a long time ago. I told myself to have everything in the same brand, if possible.

The only different is this radiator to reservoir hose. It is thicker both inner and outer diameter. I chose them due to the fact hot water runs through it all the time. Having a good and efficient engine cooling system is my top priority especially living in Malaysia. All i wanted was to ensure the hose that connects to it holds together in long term. Factory hoses are bound to deteriorate in the long run.

As you can see from the photos, i bought a meter long with 8mm inner diameter size. Honestly, they sell by meter length and compared to the vacuum hoses with the same size, these fat hoses are fucken expensive. They are RM2xx/meter. Samco have it in 6-8 colours to suit your liking.

Since the reservoir breather needs a short hose between 4-5 inches, i use the 11mm vacuum hose for this side.

I have noticed typical Honda engine setups in Malaysia are usually fully connected with Samco vacuum hoses. I know they look nice but im not sure if they really-really know which models and sizes to choose for different applications (water, gas and oil).

I did the same hose swap for my brother's car during my last KK visit. The rest he will continue the next round trip.