Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI - HKS Filter Element

I was looking for the original green colour but they were out of stock. Blue colour elements were also out of stock as i thought i wanted to match with the SAMCO hoses colour. He he.

Anyways, this 200 series amber coloured filter element (people call them red colour) is actually the 35th Anniversary HKS filter element. Thanks to Danny for letting me know about it.

HKS replacement filter elements are available in a dry 3-layer, triple density or wet 2-layer, dual density construction. The dry 3-layer type is standard in Super Mega Flow (SMF) Reloaded Intake kits, and is designed for superior filtration while still providing excellent airflow.

The wet 2-layer type is included in HKS Racing Suction kits and is focused on maximizing airflow for performance, yet still keeping harmful particles from the engine.

Since my CAI project will be a direct air system from the front of the bumper which has high dust area, i chose the dry 3-layer elements. Look at the photo and you can see a black center layer that blocks more dust particles to the air filter system.

According to Danny, the new 3-layer was also actually meant for cars that runs on AFM since they are more sensitive than MAP driven cars.

I dont have to worry about 2-layer or 3-layer since im going to run with the damn velocity stack at the track and on dyno. Ha ha.