Friday, June 06, 2008

Sing Hiap Hin Pro-Shop (HKS Pro Garage) - Brunei Darussalam

SHH has been in business for a very long time. Initially they started with car factory spareparts back during the days until the late 90s, this family business started to expand to Japanese aftermarket performance parts. They opened a small shop in the beginning until they realised the market was big and decided to moved to a new bigger premises with a 4WD dyno machine.

SHH is the distributor for HKS for East Malaysia and Brunei. They are also distributor for SSR rims and Tanabe aftermarket parts. Other brands are just to cater the demands from the customers worldwide. They invite tuners from Japan and Australia to tune your EMS for your car. In the past they have invited TopFuel and JUN to build and tune their customers' cars.

Their currency rates are in Brunei dollars (BND) which is the same as Singapore dollars (SGD). From my personal observation, there are things which are expensive there and also things which are cheap.

If you are living in Sarawak or Sabah, u can take the Pan Borneo highway to Brunei. Unless you want to fly, AirAsia is good to go.

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