Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project Refurbished SSR Type-X 15x6.5JJ +45

My refurbished SSR rims has been sitting at home for quite sometime actually. Long enough for spiders to build their webs around it. It went through the same process like my brother's rims and i have wrapped and kept it nicely. The rims are part of my buildup project and im not in the rush to put it in yet.

No need to be kiasu when you want to build something good once in your life. The Asian kiasu attitude wanting to build, convert and win the same day are common trait these days.

Once my car has been painted, i would prolly try the new Yokohama Advan Parada Spec-II tyres. Im not favouring Yokohama Advan AD-07 due to price and also not suitable to the Malaysian wet weather. Anyways, i had 2 rounds of brand new AD-07s until to this very day and they do perform very well in the dry ONLY.

If your car is a daily driven vehicle, safety should comes first in mind all the time.

Mivek4doddle's SSR Type-X 15x6.5JJ Offset +45 (Custom Matte Black)
My Brother's SSR Type-X 15x6.5JJ Offset +42 (Custom Matte Black)