Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Redza's FULL-RACE Traction Bar

I had a quick meetup with Redza yesterday. The toys he ordered from the states arrived yesterday morning. I can see the boxes being resealed by the Malaysian Customs Department after thorough checking on all the items.

Since we didnt had much space, we had to arrange all the traction bar parts on top of Redza's car roof. Bad thing was i didnt bring my camera so instead i had to use my PDA phone camera.

Well i think Redza made a good move by buying the Full-Race traction bar since he is a fanatic of straight line racing. The good thing about it is, it should reduce wheel hop and improve 60ft timing. Other than cracking your head on which is the best sticky tyres and full lock LSDs to use, the traction bar should be a bang for the buck for drag racing. There will be some settings that he needs to adjust to suit his car setup and from there gradually improve his timing.

Initially i wanted Redza to buy the Z10 bar but he got to know that he had to wait some time for the bar to be made and delivered. There are plenty of brands you can order online as long it bolts to your car perfectly.

If i had an oldschool Honda EF/DA, i would prolly get one myself as long it clears the 4-1 headers and reduce my headache looking for rusty yet expensive extinct dinosaur 4-1 JDM headers meant specially for the EF/DA.

There are heaps of infos online on traction bar brands, installations, comparisons and pros/cons of using it. I have seen people customed fabricated the bars locally in Malaysia and they dont look as good compared to the aftermarket versions. I have to give them a big thumbs-up on the effort done and thumbs-down on the expensive labour charges and precision design, sheesh.

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