Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mivek4doddle Project Aero Mirrors

You really dont have much choices when you drive a Proton. So far i have seen in real life a friend installed a Ganador S15 side mirrors on his Proton Wira Aeroback. It looks good and Ganador dont come cheap both non-CF and CF.

Dont ask me how he fitted the damn mirrors koz it looks perfectly fit. Thought of pushing the limit a bit but the Craft Square prices were sick expensive.

There were not much of choices actually from the aftermarket catalog. They had CF versions like the APR style but that was more of form over function. Am not interested in the Spoon style mirrors also. The APRs are smaller than my palm and i prolly can see a tiny portion of the road. For a daily driven, the side mirror has to work especially during raining season. Blind spot is one story, not able to see your side mirrors clearly is another story.

When i got to know about the Vision Technica Sport TC (Touring Competition) which was for sale and brand new, i knew i had to buy it. No doubt the "motorcycle" or "bicycle" style look wasnt an in-thing. These mirrors do have in CF version but i doubt i can get on my hands on any of them unless i bid them hard.

I ordered them. Arrived less than a week. As usual, someone has to be crazy to do some DIY to make it fit. The face plate mounts were not for my car obviously but i still pursued them. When it arrived i had to ask an aluminium specialist to custom a plate for me. As you can see the difference in the photos. 

Once the plates were ready, it had to be sprayed as i wanted it to be black for this
prototype project.

After bolting it on, it looks good. Compared to my stock mirrors it looks slightly smaller but it functions like any other stock mirror. The size is bigger than the APRs incase if you are wondering.

Last but not least, they are non electrical powered mirrors. 

Project Aero Mirrors Completed.