Sunday, January 01, 2012

CAI - The Velocity Stack Story

Firstly, this is my 8th posts regarding my CAI project. This project is excluding all the years where i started with the open air filter box, to ITBs, then back to original close box, then to Top Fuel intake system and last  this CAI project. Dont ask me why but i seemed to enjoyed upgrading and evaluating myself with the power i have now. I dont like to make assumptions but i rather test it on my own car (if budget permits) and enjoy it when it is successful.

Secondly, on the CAI project, i have sold the J's Racing bumper duct to Redza which i think looks good on his car and functioned to what it has been designed.

Thirdly, i am pissed that my velocity stack post where some of the pix has disappeared. So i had to take some of the photos just to show you guys.The old post is still around.

I will be honest and straight forward, the butt feeling with the stack is totally different. I feel that there are no restriction yet functional toy that sucks air around it than infront of it. I have yet to dyno my car and hopefully i can have a basic run with the stack for this new year as a benchmark for future mods.

Hydrolock? If you are scared with rain and water flying into your engine, this mod may not be good for you health. It is a risk if you plan to go through downfall and especially if you have a tube that routes to the stack.

The only protection i have is just the wire mesh which stops any little creatures and other small things to be sucked into the engine bay. Compared to my HKS, that is good for daily driven with no fear at the back of your head. This setup may not make any power at all but the response is something to brag about.

Sorry, i am having ITBs withdrawal syndrome. The single stack  at least made me sleep soundly at night *smiles*.