Sunday, January 01, 2012

Redza's 2 Years Of Research, Development, Headache and A Smile

Between 2010 and 2011, this car has been going through a lot of testing phases where Redza decided to mix and match the right stuffs according to his dreams. Since Redza leans more to American products, he also tried Japanese products if they produce what he wanted and hopefully shines out bling-ly as what he has spent to this day. As usual, Japanese parts do not come cheap on top of the exchange rates. Which ever currency gives good rates, Redza will be delighted to order more parts.

Through the 2 years period, he too has gone through tough times when parts do not perform to his expectation and also he spent a lot of time doing engine testing. In the exterior, "Goldie" seems to be the odd one in the group, which that was the initial plan with minor carbon parts. Interior wise Goldie maintained the non-swiss cheese racing look with stock interior removed and replaced with light weight seats. Engine wise, as you can see, it has been trimmed and tucked nicely.

Redza has brought this car to the track and the comparison between his old 4-door sedan and this 2-door has improved his timing for a start. As he dragged the car many times on the track, other than traction, ignition and other engine matters, he still continue to learn and improve the car's mechanical matters with good tuning.

As being mentioned and updated by Redza, he plans to do up a blog on his car when he has the time to share what he has done so far. Hope he does so i dont have to blog for him *laughs*. It is easier to blog when the car is in front of you everyday.

I think and believe Redza has reached to a point where he needs to spend more time cosmetically to make it look more stunning than what you see now. Power wise maybe he should supercharge it and be a highway stalker which i dont want to bump into *grins*.

One thing i respect Redza is his patience towards his mods and also the open minded towards new products in the market which some of them are uncommonly used and even known by other car modders. Even with with Internet, if you stick to the same site all the time, you wont grow as much compared to those wanting to learn and try new products. Good planning and attitude should show good results too.

Hope we see more new stuffs from Goldie. Till then, all the best in 2012.