Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MIvek4doddle Project Extractor Swap

My 1st aftermarket extractor was RPW's 4-1 full steel extractor which i purchased a used unit from a close friend. It was full steel and it was heavy. One thing i noticed clearly was the collector joint which is the biggest i have seen so far at that time. It made the Mugen 4-1 for ITR looked small. The collector size  is no doubt 2.5", but the extension that goes to the joint is as big as my clenched
fist. Maybe bigger. 

Unfortunately, the ground clearance for the RPW extractor was not hump friendly. As you can see i did a comparison with an oldschool Nokia cellphone and hell it was low. JFA Motorsports (Sunway) did a custom plate and it lasted to the last day.

Based on my less than 180whp spec, it performed well. Mid range and top end was good. The low end was a bit of sluggish but it was not that obvious for my daily driven beater. It was smooth and good on the highway.

After using it for 5 years, i decided i wanted to try something different. Since Cusco do not make anymore of their 4-2-1 extractors for the old 4G92 Mivec, i had to source a local custom copy which was brand new and cheap. The RPWs was sold to another
RPW fanatic.

As usual before the installation that tiny dilemma bullshit of "4-2-1 vs 4-1" ran into my mind. Since i never had the opprtunity to try a aftermarket 4-2-1 before this, this is my golden opportunity. It was stainless steel and light compared to the RPWs.

The collector size was 2.5" and the bend was not low this time. After the installation i had a few runs and the low end and mid range power was good. I felt a bit of choke at the top end but at that point i know my power was dropping which i dont need it
to rev more.

Incase if anyone wants to know about the fuel consumptions, i am still hitting mid 5XXkm for a full tank of ron97. There are no magical theories about it unless i run my collector like the drag cars on the side of the bumper. Ha ha.

To some this is an upgrade, to others its a downgrade. Up to you how you wanna call it. (by the way, they have them in stainless steel already)