Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mivek4doddle Project Rear Boot Conversion

For the last many years i have been running spoiler-less/wing-less. Aerodynamically, it felt light on the rear and on high speed. Car felt like it wants to take off from the ground and my balls were starting to float in the cabin.

For quick drag it was fun especially when you dont run with godzilla horsepower
under your hood but for stability purposes, this need to take into account.

On top of that, to so-called complete my CA4A Mirage Cyborg kit, this was the last
missing link. Initially i wanted just the spoiler alone but when i recalled the past,
i remembered that the velcro and double sided tape used to fix the spoiler
on the hood from the factory was dead tight from the factory. With the price
of the spoiler alone versus the entire rear piece, the price was not that far fetch
and knowing the fact that these dont come often nearby, i decided to purchased it.

First and foremost, it was heavy. Had to bring my wing man for the purchase else
i'll be dragging the damn thing alone.

Another dilemma was the rear wiper. As i wanted to have that "clean" look, i remembered during my DC2 days when rear wiper was necessary. Come to think of it with the weather this days, i better keep it. I had to buy a used Mitsubishi original rear wiper switch to fit on my dashboard.

As i wanted to bring this to the workshop and ask them to fit, my buddy gave me
and idea to do DIY. It was almost midnight and we have 2 people trying to figure to unbolt the old boot and bolt the new boot. Brilliant.

Swap was completed in 1.5 hours. Took 2 guys to do it with less power tools. The
boot without the spoiler and rear wiper motor was already heavy, now u can imagine
with the spoiler and the wiper?! Fuck is the best word i could think.

If anybody wants to do DIY, either u have 4 guys or just pay for the labour at the workshop. No need to be macho or scrooge here. If the glass breaks during fix, that is another story.

All i need to do next is to go find the electrician and wire up the cables.

Everything was fitted nicely. Entire kit is completed now.

Things you need to know :
- The mitsubishi rear glass is cromax (the ice tea look minus the tint)
- Spoiler comes with a brake light incase you do/dont have one
- Boot has a water sprinkler (which im not fixing it)
- Rear wiper. Good for tropical countries. Haha.