Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI - BPi Velocity Stack & Brand X Comparison

Everytime when i look at the velocity stack, it makes me want to play ITBs again. I gotta admit im having some ITBs withdrawal syndrome, ha ha. I had this BPi velocity stack for quite sometime. If you are an avid reader of my blog, dont ask me when i bought this koz its not recently purchased definitely.

I plan to use the stack when i go to the track. This is the only way i know that i wouldnt suck rabbits, cows, leaves, ants, sand and whatnot compared to daily driven application. I dont plan to use any filteration add-ons with this velocity stack kit. It has to be a direct air system with no resistance from the bumper to the intake manifold.

From the photos, the Brand X stack was the one i had like 6 years ago. I got them cheap from a local DIY store and the funtionality at that time was just to channel air into the engine bay and i havent had a clue about the quality and volume of cold air going to be sucked into the engine.

After many years of learning kung-fu, i know that it is SO fucken important to use a proper design stack. From the short instruction given, i can actually bolt a K&N filter on top of it for my daily driving but i dont intend to do so since i wanted to use HKS pod and HKS filter elements are replacable and comes in many colours, hee hee.

Look at the comparison of both stacks from the side. The Brand X stack would prolly suck air direct from the front only and not entirely around it. The only good thing about it its plastic.

You can purchase the velocity stacks online and they have it in many brands these days. The early generation versions were made from aluminium/steel i think. These days u can have them in different colour and sizes.

Do take note that a proper tuning will be required on the dyno/on-road as you have more air coming in now and you have to even it out with your ignition and fueling. So its not just a quick bolt-on after all.

This setup would be good if the air tempreature is low but since South East Asia cities are places with high humidity then chances of you getting a slight cold air(at high speed) outside the bumper is definitely better than inside the engine bay.

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