Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peter's JUN MR-2 : June 2008 Hypertune Magazine

Congratulations to Peter for the Hypertune Photoshoot. The thing that im curious is as far as i have been reading Hypertune for a very long time, I have not seen any East Malaysian cars on the front cover (my recollection can be rusty sometimes but im sure there wasnt any from the eastern side). Why is that? As i know East Malaysia are full with JDM cars and less convereted cars for a start. There are heaps of modificed cars in Sarawak and Sabah as we speak.

I also notice that Peter's JUN tuned MR-2 is not part of the INSIDE list on the front page. If Peter didnt tell me, i wouldnt know the MR-2 will be in this month issue. The rest of the East Malaysian Hypertune readers would not know about it too.

Hypertune can boost up their sales for East Malaysia if things are more informative and graphical attractive. Hypertune magazines seems to be limited and pricey in East Malaysia. Well in Kota Kinabalu alone i have seen the shocking jacked up price between RM20-RM30 in different stores.