Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Symborski Shifter Kit

The Symborski Shifter Kit wasnt in my plan actually. It was an adhoc decision which turned out to be good.

I have read the story in Andrew's blog long time ago so i thought since nobody has plans to order them again, i wasnt keen to have a set for my car.

Recently i got to know another friend of mine has a spare set so i bought it off from him without hesitation eventho i have not seen or feel it in real life.

During the installation, besides the the kit, ive replaced my gear lever bush kit which were worn out.

My setup :
  • C's Comrade Shoft Stroke Shifter

  • Symborskit Shifter Kit

  • Proton Gear Lever Bush Kit

The shifting feeling is stiffer now. I dont see much freeplay and wobbling during hard shift. Its definitely a day and night popping feeling. At least ive got no excuse for miss shifts. Ha ha.

Thank you Jack.

From Andrew's Blog: http://thespfiles.blogspot.com/2006/04/symborski-transmission-shifter-base.html

DSM Shifter Kit Website : http://www.infobottle.com/