Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Like i promised, after the MeGuiar's DIY head/rear lamps restoration project i wanted to try using Mothers polish since i have heard good feedback about their products online and offline.

MeGuiar's products seems to be everyones favourite choice these days, but knowing myself i really like to try these hardcore oldschool brand polish.

Before buying them, i told Hizam that im going to try Mothers - Mag & Aluminium to compare with his MeGuiar's NXT All Metal Polish. The difference was RM15.00 between the brands. Cheaper price for Mothers, good for low budget lab rat like me.

I had to remove the stickers on my box to make sure i get an even polish all around.

It was my mistake not to snap my dull aluminium battery relocation box. Below are the photos after 2 smooth rounds of polishing. Bear in mind again, im using my hands to polish them and i did not forced/pushed using my brute Bruce Lee strength to make the difference.

The results was satisfactory. I could actually see my face on the box.I purposely put the polish tub on the box so you can see the reflection.

After almost 2 years, my battery relocation box still shines.

Mothers Website : http://www.mothers.com/

MeGuiar's Website :