Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI - Installation & Updates

I had some free time during the weekend. Since 80% of my CAI parts were ready, i decided to fit them by myself. I had my tools ready to do some DIY. The process took me around 1 hour for the whole uninstallation of the factory system to the new installation of the CAI parts.

  • The process was straight forward, just that the wires near the fusebox was slightly in a mess. So i had to tie them up nicely with cable ties before fitting the alumnium box.
  • To fit the Samco you need some extra effort and bit of lube to fit the tube and air filter pod.
  • Temporarily, im using the normal gas tube for the oil catch tank to the valve cover breather.

When i start my car, i can hear a strong hissing sound from the airfilter with the hood down. The sound is loud like a vacuum cleaner if you stand outside the car. The response now is quicker and smoother compared to the stock factory box. Compared to the TopFuel tube, i think the TopFuel stores more air inside the plastic chamber since the throttle feeling and responsive are different.

Towards this end of the month :

  • I will need the DEI ceramic coated heatwraps for the stainless steel tube. I will definitely miss the bling-bling. Haha.
  • I will need Goodridge steel braided hoses and finishers for my Sard oil catch tank.

Im having a serious eyesore with my RPW header. The DIY ceramic coating is peeling off due to the fact i bought the wrong heat temperature level spray. Argh!