Thursday, November 06, 2008

Project Interior Restoration - Part 1

After i removed my rollcage, i had plans to fit the rear seat panels back incase i had some visitors from out of town and it will be easier for me to fit the backseats in a dash.

The reat seat panels which i had with the rollcage were gutted to fit the cage. It'll definitely look unpleasent with the holes on both sides.

So i went searching and found another set of panels. The only thing with the used panels were they were exposed to the sun and badly faded.

A friend of mine driving a Honda Civic managed to do a restoration but the hard way using adhesive spray and paint. I went around and found out that Krylon recently released their plastic paint.

Without hesitation i bought 2 cans (RM29.90x2) with the can holder (RM9.90).

I did not have ammonia cleaning solution with me to clean the panels so i used some dish washing liquid to wash the panels. I left it under the hot sun for an hour and let it dry by itself.

I sprayed 2 layers of Krylon for each panel and let it dry for 2 hours. The photos below are the pix taken just after the spray. It was still wet by the way.

I plan to fix it probably next week with some other stuffs. I think i used up 1.5 cans to do both panels.

(Warning : I had to paint the panels due to the fact polishing did not do justice. Only paint when you have tried polishing and if things does not shine anymore)

You can visit their website at