Friday, November 14, 2008

Chris's FD2R "Super Taikyu" Type-S Aerokit

I just got the greenlight from Chris to upload the pix which i have taken before the Aidilfitri holidays. Rain was pouring during the pix was taken.

According to Chris, he was the 1st lucky person to buy and fit the new Type-S kit in the world (good thing when ure a dealer). The new Type-S aerokit was used in the Super Taikyu endurance races in Japan.

Since Chris frequents to track, i believe this new aerokit will help him alot aerodynamically. On top of that, he just fited his new shoes, Volks Limited Edition RE-30 with a special width and offset for the FD2R.

The aerokit is officially out by J's Racing. This kit is too aggresive for me, i rike the previous kit.