Monday, November 17, 2008

Sepang Drag Battle 2008 Final Round - Review

Last weekend Drag Battle was good except for the never-ending problems with the timing display at the crossing line. Im wondering why the organiser doesnt seem obligated to fix this timing display problem? Since the drag battle is every bi-monthly, i think they have enough time to sort things out. They should prolly paste the results on the board like they did before for spectators. Other than that below are my reviews :
  • Some cars did not pass during scrutineering. Due to safety issues, cars with fuel tanks inside the engine bay could not race. Where is the rules and regulations manual?
  • Some cars which was supposed to win in their class did not win due to mechanical fault, and prolly revving and boosting beyond personal limits.

I'll prolly update the pix later when im free. Took too many pix this time. Im still sorting it out the best out of them.