Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Honda Civic FD2R vs Honda Integra DC5R (My Malaysian Version Review)

I had a few calls regarding both mentioned cars. I have to admit both cars are nice but living in Malaysia you need to sort the pros and cons for both of them.

FD2R 4 Door, 4 Seater Vs DC5R 2 Door, 4 Seater
  • Not to say you cant bring friends or family sitting behind but these days people are taller and bigger as the new generation eats well these days. A typical generalisation and stereotype for a family car is a sedan car. Anything bigger like the Honda Odyssey is even better. The DC5R might not be as comfortable as the FD2R at the back seats.
  • FD2R makes a good family car with abit of umph under the hood. A DC5R is alright, just that during rainy days, u have to waste a few seconds to flip the Recaros for the back passenger to go in.

Young Adults Vs Adults

  • It is in the blood that Honda Civic EF, EG, EK, EP and up to the FD series, mostly being driven by yound adults. They love Civics. No matter which generation, Civic owners tend to click with each other easily. Civics are affordable, trendy and common in the country.
  • The Integras are mostly driven by working adults. Integras are not hot among the young adults as they are much more expensive and they do not seem to be common in everyones' brain databases. Integra has this prestige level where you know you are always on top of the Honda Civic regardless of generation. An Integra stock or modded is always the big brother of the Honda Civic.

Cheap Vs Expensive

  • The new FD2R is being supplied by Honda Malaysia. It comes in Champion white only in Malaysia. Unless u decided to go through grey imports then you'll have silver, black or purple. The price OTR should be around RM198k brand new from Honda Malaysia.
  • The DC5R comes in 2 models at the grey importers. I prefer the 1st generation DC5R since it has a very distintive outlook feature. The face-lifted model looks like another EK9 99-spec, yucks. Price for a reconditioned DC5 should be around RM155 to RM135 depending on year and modfication done.

Original Vs Conversion

  • Due to the fact brand new and used parts are abundance, people are taking the opportunity and advantage to convert their FD Civics into FD2R regardless of interior, exterior and engine. It can never be an original but it bugs me when you have too many that same look on the road.
  • Indeed you have the IS/Type-S DC5 but then again, you rarely see people buying them and pay so much money to convert them entirely. You do bump into converted Type-S at the importers's yard once in a bluemoon. You dont see DC5 and the DC5Rs often on the road.

Stock Vs Modded

  • Anything on the FD2R is not cheap. Anything on the aftermarket list is not cheap. Even on the used parts section they are not cheap.
  • The DC5R parts are cheaper used and brand new.

My personal views :

  • If Honda Malaysia imports them in different colours, maybe my own brother had already put a deposit few months ago. Sadly to say only Championship white is being offered only, yucks.
  • Since Honda released the Type-R many years ago, its already stamped on my head that a Type-R should be a 2-door car. Too bad they made the same models as the normal commerical versions that killed the uniqueness of the Type-R cars.

If i had to choose :

  • The Honda Integra DC5R takes the cake. Its definite cheaper than the FD2R. It is still 4 seater, unless i have 3-5 kids, then a reasonable Honda Odyssey is logical.
  • Do you really want to drive your folks or love ones at the back seat and drive 220km/h? Think about it. You can do it on both FD2R and DC5R once you remove the speed limiter but do think of safety reasons. You have lesser parts to diet on a DC5R.
  • The DC5R is not like the ordinary "Civic" on the road. When i see the car, it jolts me like a lightning bolt. As much as the FD2R is getting all the praises and hoo-has, the DC5R is hideous yet a sleeping monster to be full-throttled.
  • A Honda Civic will always be a Civic. A Honda Integra will always be an Integra.

What about the EP3R and S2K?

  • The EP3R is the cheapest K-series Type-R in town. I'd go for a full Mugen kit and maybe a K24 block with ITBs to finish the story. No bad comments from me but i think everybody is favouring the FD2R more. If you are smart, this is the cheap K20AR in town.
  • The S2K is nice. AP1 or AP2 i dont care. Fully Amuse widebody kit and maybe ITBs to finish the story also. No bad comments, just lack of enthusiasts in this country and maybe you'll feel lonely with the lack of parts and less S2K drivers.

I had to blog this due to the fact a few friends are interested and confused at the same time on which Type-R to upgrade. The options are widely open but do take account in the long run if you plan to sell it or keep it for good. Everything is all good if you know what you're doing. Some people are still lost souls to this very day.

Either you call it a family car or a sports car, its your personal definition and your money. Good luck.