Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mivek4doddle Rear Lights Restoration

About 2 months ago, while i was walking around in Home-Fix (DIY Shop), i found this MeGuiar's PlastX polish. At that time this was not part of my buying list and also i wasnt aware they had such product. It was less than RM50 and i bought it straight away. You can actually find it in any DIY stores that sells MeGuiar's product.

Exteriorly, my current rear lights looks good after more than 10 years but when i turned on the lights, i can see that the internal plastic lenses were cracking. It doesnt look good to be honest and it must have been the heat that made this happen. Nothin much i can do when plastic is concern.

So i got myself some used rear lights which were pretty abundance around here. There had some tiny scratches but i wasnt worried about it. So i tried the PlastX on the rear lights and it turned out shiny.

I also applied the polish to my front headlamps and signal which were part of my restoration projects.

For Proton owners, you can get your original parts from (Proton Parts). I called them few times to check on the prices for my car. Well since i can get my hands on 2nd hand items, they are good as a backup since they are too many imitation parts selling around cheaply.

This is my 1st time using MeGuiar's product. So far so good. I dont have any specific brand for polishes, waxes and cleaners. Let me see how it goes. Im planning to try Mothers brand on my next updates.

Stay tuned.