Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shawn's Honda Civic Sedan (Malaysia)

I've known Shawn since during the Autoworld Forum days. He is very friendly and the only Honda Civic EK Sedan fanatic to date that i know. I know there are many hardcores with the same taste like Shawn but most people tend to sway away with the Type-R fever which seems to ruins everything. Shawn knows everything about the Civic EK sedan specifications under his finger tips. Everything from strict JDM conversions to factory stickers for the car.

As you can see from the pix, originality and simplicity are the keywords here. If you are a EK-4 Si and EK-3 Vi-RS enthusiasts, then i think you can start to drool now.

He is very detailed when it comes to modifications and conversions. He has chose the year 99' spec look both exterior and interior. The Vi-RS interior looks nice. Shawn added the original Mugen rear spoiler and front lip spoiler to complete the car.

Please bear in mind that using only original parts are Shawn's priority. He has spent a lot of time and effort finding all the parts. It took him many years to be where he is now. A lot of hard earned money involved as we speak.

Sometimes i believe its not about the money, you need passion and also ideas to help you achieve your goals in the long run, not few days.

Im giving Shawn a 10/10 for everything. Job well done.