Thursday, July 03, 2008

Private Imports - Born In Japan, Raised In Scotland

Few issues back, HondaTuning featured John Fallon's Honda Integra DC-2. The thing i noticed about HondaTuning, they are the thinnest car magazine i purchase every single month. I wish they have more stuffs to print. These days im lazy to surf and read. To some, its not worth even the money to buy magazines. Good articles are bound to be printed unknowingly in any car magazines available these days.

If you stay in UK or somewhere nearby, check out Private Imports. They have good quality JDM cars though the price can be slightly steep. If you are into Hondas, from the catalog listing i think you have a variety of choices to buy semi/full race modified cars from Japan. In the long run, you do save a lot of money if tax is always shadowing you.

Since Malaysia is busy promoting new cars, these sort of deals and dealers do not exist to cater your requirements. The tax alone is absurd. If any dealers were to choose good quality cars, used modified old Hondas from Japan, by the time they reach here, it will be "Born in Japan, Ripped in Malaysia". At the end of the day, the unlucky owner will get a dusty stock car with everything removed completely. Maybe a rusty JASMA tagged extractor as a free token to excite the naive hormones. Too much bullshit.

Check out their cool website and please your eyes.