Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Redza's ENDYN Breather Kit

Last weekend i managed to meetup with Redza and he showed me his Endyn's breather kit. If only i had a Vtec engine, i would have gotten this breather kit too. The kit comes complete and it is as big as a Coke can.

I have a Sard oil catch tank and i have seen other breather kits like ARC, Carbing and Cusco but they dont look as good as the Endyn's kit. I dunno, maybe it looks nicer and the price matches the size.

I have read Endyn's notes and articles since 2001. I have no one to share and talk about it during those times due to the fact most people believe strong engines comes from Japan and not US. Ha ha.

Check out their archive and articles sections.

Website : http://www.theoldone.com/