Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project Mugen Wheel Lugs

To complement the matte black SSR Type-Xs, black Mugen lugs are just perfect to complete the package. After seeing the setup implemented on my brother's car, the plan is good to go.

I need to change all my air valves on all my rims to black colour, that is if i can find them around. I should start hunting them soon.

Mivek4doddle Mugen Lugs Part# 08181-M07-K0S0-BL
My Brother's Mugen Lugs Part# 08181-MZ3-K0S0-BL

If you have notice and make comparison, my brother's lugs are meant for 5-lugs wheel and mine are meant for 4-lugs wheel. Must have been the CTR EK-9 that made Mugen made the extras.

The last time i checked at JC-Racing (Sunway), brand new Mugen lugs were costing around RM550.00 per set. A very obvious price hike compared a year ago.