Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Miri Drag Race 2008 (25/26 May) Timing Results

Peter sent me the results. I can see Samdi's WRX is getting faster all the time with the new 9.98s timing. If the Sabah's Mitsubishi EVO didnt jump start, the EVO might have broken the record by 9.77s. The Sabah's EVO caught fire again and i think they must have boosted to the max this time.

Tony Teo still driving the Honda Civic EG 2-door and won. Heard that Ah Lai R-Engineering from Johor drove another Satria 4WD during the event. Best thing, there was a lady in the VTEC class named Christina. Not bad clocking low 13s.

I also heard another bigger race is coming this August or October in Miri. I think it is worth to go with the $0 fare (excl. taxes and etc) from Airasia and Malaysia Airlines. "Mau pergi kah bosssssssssssss?"