Wednesday, May 21, 2008

(Comrade) C's Short Stroke Shift

I did some searching online on my unknown shoft shifter brand and apparently my guess was wrong. After many Japanese to English web translations, looks like the one im having is a C's brand actually.

The main reason why i thought it wasnt a C's was due to the fact the newer models are hell of a shine compared to mine. And i noticed the older models seems to be dark silver in colour.

The one im having is for CD9A/CE9A Mitsubishi Evolution.

My brother had one last time in his Integra and apprently he sold it off. Actually the C's that he had was just a replacement model for the original and it was slightly shorter than the original. For B-series, nothing feels like an ITR short shifter as the design and length was different.

C's made many nice shifters but it seems their website has been down for quite some time . Not sure whos supplying the dealers globally. I think the model im having has been discontinued. The only way to source it should be through the buy/sell online forums.

After reading R3gister blog, the B&M looks nice and i believe it should be better than mine since they add some weight towards the bottom of the stick for smoother, shorter shift time and effortless throw feeling.

One thing about short shifter is it could shorten the life of your gearbox as you could outshift the synchros.

Hmm, let me check the part number and price. Buy them when i have the budget. In the meantime its legal to dream, drool and shutup. Ha ha.