Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Short Shifter (Delayed Posting)

Looks like i had forgotten to blog about my short shifter. No wonder something was missing on the blog. Bought it 2nd hand from a friend of mine. It was meant for the Mitsubishi EVO I-II-III actually. They are straight bolt-on to my Proton Satria.

Before this i was using Proton's original shifter and i had to cut and weld to shorten the throw. It was the cheapest way to do. I cant find any aftermarket brands at that time, so dont blame me.

Somehow or rather i like the feeling of the ITR short shifter. This my personal preference and experience. It has to be close to that feeling as possible.

  • Price : RM250 with the base mount (Used)
  • Brand : Unknown japanese brand
  • Installation : 30mins and less than RM50 labour charges (Lazy to DIY)