Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taking A Break (1st January 2007 - 28th February 2007)

Every year i take a month break from modding which is the month of January. I have been doing this for the last few years. Modding means not buying anything for the car. I usually spend this month by servicing my car. I will service whatever i can service (if budget permits) to start the new year smoothly. I dont like puny problems to burst anytime or during my mods.

Next year i decided to take 2 months break from modding. Im gonna rest and plan for the 2007 mods which i know its gonna be expensive. Im gonna take a break myself and maybe enjoy some weekend holidays. My beast has to rest this time. I do not have funds coming from my parents, uncles or even grandmonthers to support my modding interest. So there are heaps of things still pending on my modding list. Some people are lucky and some are not. Everything has to be well planned and carefully laid out. Living in the reality world, to live, to breathe and to mod at the same time is not easy.

I will still update my blog with new stuffs and techies. The mods will come after the break.

Stay tuned.