Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pending Pix #5

My Bro - "Why didnt you scrape off the paint on the letterings?"

Myself - "During the time of EF/DA, they were fully painted over."

He decided to double-check on my Hyper-Rev reference book,
true enough they painted fully on the old models.

You know its the same thing if you were to purchase
a brand new Spoon valve cover and doing it yourself
just that you dont get the Spoon plastic and a hole in
the wallet. Since my brother has been a Spoon fan for
many years, this time i had to do it for him. I got a used
valve cover and sent it to Chia (CYTPaintworks). The
colour was nice. Better than he did for my Mivec valve
cover which was lighter Spoon yellow.
  1. Paint Job: RM80
  2. Paint Removal Job : RM20
  3. Used B16A Valve Cover : RM100
  4. Days Waiting : 3 Working Days