Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pending Pix #2

After so long of driving drag setup height and hard dampening, i thought of trying other setup for street. So i had to ask my mech to setup for street purposes and "corners" (common term among the road racers). So there you go. After 2 days, i saw my rear fender almost touching the tyres and the front its slightly higher from the back.

I was curious about this setup and ask a dummy question, after translation, "hey why is the front is a bit higher from the back even it doesnt look obvious?". So the reason being that when my car flys into a corner and some late brakings, the front portion of the car will go down (weight) and i have enough time to shift gears and make the turn. That sounds reasonable. If i were to set the car very low at the front then the front bumper will scrape all the roadkills for being too low, not becoz of the suspension but momentum.

I cant comment anything since my mech has so many track throphies for winning many races for many years. So i had to listen to the gurn and learn. The height is good, the harness is also good (i didnt ask my mech what dampening rate he set for the soft/hard) The other thing i found out that the rear is less hopping since i do not have any back seats, nor a bloody mivec spoiler nor spare tyres. It used to be bad when i take those big corners since it was too light behind. Now its better, and it could be better even with a spoiler. Ah fuck it!

Front : 2 fingers
Back : 1 finger
Coilovers : TEIN HA for CA4A
Hard/Soft Points : 16
Hi/Lo : Yes