Monday, December 11, 2006

Things to Learn

  • When you buy products for your car, try to buy something which was meant for the car or something during its decade. Dont try to fix Advan RG rims on your old Honda Civic, not because its not suitable, but Advan RGs are meant for latter models.
  • Try to mod things in stages. People tend to get carried away with cheap things. When things are cheap, you forget your plans and budget. You then forget the purpose of stage-modding. When you do so, you feel reluctant and obligated to skip the current mods.
  • Have some creativity and try to adopt the simplest way of modding. It can be cheap and nice or expensive and ugly. Read more car magazines, look upon good ideas and setup that has been done before. Dont try to be a smartass and have one opinion. Have 2-3 opinions to guide you along.