Monday, November 15, 2010

Project Build-Up III (Part 2)

Nothing fancy about the lug nuts. Old school stuffs are just my taste. These days you have plenty of brands to choose from and best part you have plenty of radical colors to mix and match your wheels. Swapped my old Ultra aluminium lugs to Mugen steel lugs. It looks nice on my Vision rims.

The Mugen ones comes in black or silver. Available for 4 or 5 lugged wheels. These are the oldschool version. Not the slim heptagon version.

Note : They are not light weight. Size 12x1.50mm.

Just be sure to tighten it with proper torque settings. And beware of fake lugs. You dont wanna see your wheel pops out and roll in front of you while you are driving :p

Project Build-Up III Completed