Monday, November 15, 2010

Proton Inspira - A New Start, I Believe.

After a few months of rumors and finally Proton made it happened, to be honest with you all i heard from people was 70% crude comments. More like chronic frustration comments coming from the dark hole of people's arse. 20% gave their reasonable comments with good constructive feedback. The 10% were the elites. Elites that love automotive industry and knows that Henry Ford wasnt born in 1985 and Proton was not established in 1903.

My personal question for this car, "What is wrong with this car?". Yeah, again i asked, "What is wrong with this car?". Well you know and i know theres nothing effing wrong with this car actually. All the angers and frustrations that are oozing like molten smelly lavas are just pure insults that doesnt lead to any light at the end of the tunnel. All you wanted are the best combos based on your own preferences. Let me see, nice cosy BMW leatherish interior, high quality sound system like the Audi, 4WD terrain that runs on mud like the Land Rover, spacious cabin room like the Mercedes, maybe a VTEC hybrid engine that runs on batteries and definitely cheap-is-good like the China made cars.

The yays :
  • I tell you, Proton-lution guys are gonna soup-up this car and make it look and maybe run like the EVO X. As much as 4B11T engine is still new, this is the time the excitement starts to tickle the hybriders. Funny it may sound, people like to convert than buying the real yet expensive EVO X.
  • Mitsubishi is not complaining. Why should you?. As far as technology is concern, this should be the 1st car that they produced that runs the SAME technology on the road. the KEYWORD here is SAME. Unlike the old 4G9X engines, those are scrapped off engines waiting to be shipped and sold before they recycled it.
  • It is less than 100k for a 2L engined car. Better still, with Lotus behind, you'll get a bit of goodies.
The nays :

  • I am sad to say that i know we have good R&D people in Proton but it seems that the good prototypes doesnt seem to unveil as we grow older. Technically good, politically no.
  • If they wanted to copy/clone/mould the Lancer, they should have at least change the exterior portion of the car slightly. Well the overhead cost would skyrocket by doing that, but at least it doesnt affect those with the Mitsubishi Lancer. Affect them emotionally i mean. Sad case.
  • With the cost of living these days, it kills the mood with that sort of price tag for the commoners.
Generally, we have a long way to go. Id say give us another 50 more years then we can come out with our own IDENTITY and HOPEFULLY by then we have the support from our own nation regardless of the outcome. You can either be like Lamborghini that hand built their cars with their passion. Or you can be like Toyota and invade the world with Camrys every year.

Accept the fact that in any local motorshows, there is nothing to look out for if you are waiting for Proton to unveil a prototype like a car being covered with a silk cloth getting ready to be shown to the public beside nice sexy models. If that is what you wanted, it starts from you. To achieve quality, you need to start somewhere. For starters, drive a Proton. Your grandchildren might be proud by then to drive a better version of the past that has been supported mentally and physically for many years by you personally.

Look at Chevy. Below is the 1967 vs 2010 Camaro. 43 years of research and development. They are passionate about their cars since the 1st model. They, i said.