Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mivek4doddle Project Disc Brake Conversion (Part 2)

Parts bought during installation day :
- Used CA4A front complete knuckle X2 (factory)
- Used CA4A rear complete trailing arm X2 (oversized cross drilled rotors)
- Bendix CT (front & rear)
- Bendix Dot4 brake fluid
- Used CA4A complete rear anti-roll bar
- Used CA4A handbrake cords

Parts bought earlier :
Goodridge steel braided brake hoses

Parts installed earlier :
Used Mitsubishi VR4-RS brake master cylinder

This upgrade was supposed to complete around 2 hours but
it went up to 4 hours. The front swap was quick but the rear
took quite sometime as my mechanic (him doing it alone) found
that some stuffs needs to be changed like the rear wheel bearings
and also a repair kit for the rear caliper pumps (for safety sake).

On top of that he did a quick clean up and scrubed the rear rotors
to ensure the surface was clean from rust and other old grimes. Dismantled
every bit on the rear trailing arm and knuckles and identified all dead parts.
Cleaned and did a mini refurbishment on the trailing arms. I noticed the
differences between the trailing arm thickness.

The steel braided hoses and new pads fitted nicely. Bendix Dot4 fluid was being used
and he had to bleed every side of it to ensure there wasnt any air swimming around.
Wheels were fitted back and we ran a couple of rounds. Job completed after 4 hours
(excluding lunch break).

The bill today was rm1XXX. I shall not disclose the exact amount as used parts
and labour vary in different places and no point getting into a kiasu argument on
whom got the cheapest deal or got the worst one.

Frequently Ass-ed Questions :

(1) How do you feel as in butt feeling when u drove just now?
Brakes better than before. Need to get use to this new braking feeling.

(2) Where can i get the Goodridge hoses? And are they good than APP/Pro-RS/etc?
Contact Chris at Pentagon for Goodridge products. When i have the chance to
try other brands i will let you know.

(3) Why did you not go for twin-pots like Evo 3 or even other used 2-4 pots from other car brands?
This project has to fit into my lightweight 14" rims. Now i have less than 1/2 inch
clearance. Just nice. For the mentioned twin-pots and etc, i need bigger rims and
tyres which adds more to the budget.

(4) Front normal and rear cross drilled?
The used front cross drilled were sold.

(5) Why didnt you swap with a new and bigger anti-roll bar to save cost and time?
This car did not come with an ARB and i do not know if this factory size is "sufficient" for my supermarket journey. So let me try and evaluate and upgrade as i go along my needs.

(6) Since you took everything down, why did you not swap any bushes with Super Pro?
That is already on my list. Stay tuned peeps.

(7) Why Dot 4 brake fluid?
Google Dot 3 vs Dot 4 vs Dot 5

(8) Any plans in the future to upgrade the pads and front rotors?
When the time comes, yes.

(9) If you had bigger rims, say 17", which overkill setup would you go for?
Brembo 4-pot from the EVO 6.

(10) Any tips u can share?
Good tyres help. Crossed rotors are like cucumber slicers and dont blame the pads.

Project Disc Brake Conversion Completed.