Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project Disc Brakes Conversion

Im in the midst of buying and collecting slowly all these little things before proceeding with my 4-disc brake system upgrade. I like to do it when everything is ready. It cuts labour cost and my journey to the workshop. Making few trips to the workshop can be tiring and boring if you have nothing to do much.

My plans based on my taste and budget :
  • Better Master Brake Pump (Completed)
  • Goodridge Brake Hoses (Not Installed)
  • EBC Green Front/Black Rear (Still thinking)
  • Crossed Drill Slotted Rotors (Still Thinking)
  • Brake Pump Holder (No Intention)
Well my idea is simple and logical, upgrading the brake system improves your braking capabilities compare to factory system. An understanding to your personal braking NEEDS is a must. Having a pizza sized rotors and 12-pot calipers aint gonna make any difference when the severity of the city jam is abnoxious and driving like a insane driver doest not help uprated brake system but increase your own ignorant stupidity.
Layman better braking systems means :
  • Proper size master brake pump for your uprated caliper pots (Brake pump VS Caliper size?)
  • Correct brake disc fluid upon application (Dot3? Dot4? Dot5?)
  • Correct brake pads upon application (Too many brands, road condition and climate)
  • Upgrade rubber hose to steel braided (Wear and tear factor)
  • Better slotted rotors (If you need that extra braking, this would be bang for the buck)
Why did i buy the steel braided brake lines?
Genuine factory brake hoses are made of rubber. Rubber is not good at heat resistance and it will be swollen by hot brake fluid when the car is driven hard. As a result, more brake fluid has to go into the hose, which means brake pedal has to be pushed deeper even the actual brake performance is the same. This causes the difficult control of the brake pedal and accurate brake control wont be expected. The structure of the strong teflon tube is wrapped by stainless mesh and also clear-coated on it. It hardly changes its shape even with high fluid pressure. The pedal pressure will go directly to the brake calipers without any loss. Youll feel much better brake pedal touch with a better brake lines on your car.

What about Pro-RS and APP(Aviation Performance Products)?
Pro-RS (For Satria Model) = RM2XX ( I have heard good comments just that i like Goodridge fittings better based on my personal preferences.
Goodridge (For Satria Model) = RM3XX ( Let me try and comment later.
APP (For Satria Model) = RM5XX ( The only complaints i have heard so far are the hefty prices.