Thursday, March 27, 2008


***you can do a google search with words combination of gtr+malaysia+crash. plenty of the same news in other forums and blogs***

I was reading in some of the online forums yesterday so i thought i just blog them today. Well sadly to say, this Singaporen GTR crashed near Sungai Buloh, Selangor. Well, NKVE highway and Guthrie highway goes to Sungai Buloh, you figure it out. The pix below were taken before and after the incident. Bad i would say based on the damage done. Hopefully the owner is alright.

My personal comments would be, if you are a visitor and a sober driver, its high time you respect the law and the speed limit in Malaysia. You never know whats waiting for you even at a safe constant road speed limit. Think about your family and friends when you drive. Being arrogant, ignorant and selfish is going to put your life at risk especially not inside your own country. Sepang track is always open if you start to have speed withdrawal syndrome.

Comments from my best friend Peter :
"It is true on my opinion. The car is now produces more power than older model and at the same time it is not manual transmission that everyone use to drive. The DSG auto + shift pedal needs more time to get use to and of course, the car is GTR but driver not necessary born GTR"