Monday, March 17, 2008

Sani's DA6 JDM Restoration - The Not Cheap Thing After 18 Years

After a month of thinking, fiddling my thumb and pushing myself into uncertainty, i didnt know this effort would be fruitful as i would imagine. Sani's car will be repainted to the same colour and we have noticed since the last touchup paintjob, all the emblems and stickers has been removed. We hadnt had any plans for restoration back then tho.

At first it was quizzing if any shops still sell genuine Honda parts for this particular model especially. After doing some research and calls made locally and internationally, somehow the effort was worthwhile.

Within 3 months i would say, we managed to get all the exterior emblems that would complete our DA6 JDM restoration process. I wouldnt dare to say cheap since nothing comes cheap when it comes to Honda genuine parts plus the shipping and handling charges, yikes.

After long gone 18 years, we try our best to find/salvage what we can at this moment of time. If you do not have any patience, please do not consider restoration projects. It may take months, years and sometimes incomplete disasters.

(I would like to thank Redza again for the help in this project)

Any chances to get for EF9 or EF8 emblems and stickers?
Yes, if you are serious and willing to pay. EBay is a good place to start.

Why didnt i just go to a sticker specialist?
Original stickers were mass printed and you cant get the 100% same colour. I have asked around and made comparison.