Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI - HKS SPF

My plan was to buy a brand new 2nd generation HKS SPF. I wasnt lucky this time. They only had the 150 series version for the 2nd generation which was too small for my project. I know it has been discontinued but i was still trying my luck. I wasnt keen on the new HKS Reloaded although the design was suppose to be better to absorb more air compared to the old ones.

So i had to go around and scouted for used ones. Prolly it was my luck that i managed to get a used 200/80 HKS SPF in time. As a rule of thumb, you should never use the element came with the filter. When i took it out, its already dry, hard and dirty. You never know what sort of dirts and oils absorbed by the old element.

I threw away the old element, washed the HKS SPF pod with water and dish washing soap. Let it dry for an hour. Fit the new HKS amber element.