Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mivek4doddle Project Battery Relocation, Again.

I have relocated my battery to the back since a very long time ago.
Had the aluminium box customed perfectly for my NS60 sized battery.

My original plan to run a smaller battery did not turn out well when
my airfilter system blocked the battery and i did not hav enough space.
Other spaces in the engine bay was really right unless i run on ITBs.

So i relocated the relocated battery location again. 

I made an FAQ for those who plan to use this type of battery in the future.

1. What made you want to change to the smaller battery?
Because of the size. I was seeking something compact and lighter
than my original battery (NS60).

2. Why Odyssey and not Optima?
I have not seen any smaller version Optima batteries in the market 
and those using Optima are usually audio fanatics.

3. Is it heavy?
Lighter than my NS60 and it is around 6kg.

4. How do you compare Odyssey versus normal battery?
Higher CCA. High cranking. High resistance to vibration.
Maintenance free.

5. Can you use it if you have normal sound system.
Yes. Normal sounds system setup. 

6. Compare to those small race batteries like Spoon, any differences?
Track cars do not have power windows and sound system. It was meant
to crank and light up your headlight. Spoon is smaller and lighter
but not long lasting for daily driven.

7. Anybody else in Malaysia using it?
As far as i know only 2 people :) 3 including me. Maybe more, God knows.

8. Can it be used daily?
It was meant to be used daily.

9. What are the costs?
Rm8xx battery only. RM3XX custom box. RMXXX installation charges.

10. Is it bad to put the battery inside the cabin?
Only if its not dry cell. Dry cell has no acid to spill and no gases to vent.
Keep it far away from heat is the best way to make it last.

11. Is it legal to relocate the battery?
"Malaysia Boleh"

12. Experiences?
This is my 1st time using it and i will update again in the next 12-24 months
if this battery survive. Also choose the right battery for your application.

13. Do we have a local distributor in Malaysia?
No. Nearest is Singapore. 

14. Can i get other style of after market battery holders?
Try Google.

15. I heard Odyssey is not good but you still buy it?
I also heard that aliens are coming down and gonna probe your ass. I heard.

Project Battery Relocation Completed.