Friday, December 23, 2011


"Not bad". Those were the words that came out from my mouth. As much as this story has been re-blogged many times with every ones personal opinion, ideas and criticism, now it is my turn.

A 2-door 4 seater car, fully kitted with carbon fiber parts, wide arches, supercharged engine and hell of a nice color. If you buy a Honda, even a Type-R, the original Mugen aerokit price is gonna killed you straight away. Honda enthusiasts are dying hard to order fender extension/arches for them to use wider rims and that alone is another hefty parcel from Japan. This car has awesome wide fenders both front and back. I believe you could easily fit a 17x9 without rolling your fenders even. The front looks amazing to me. Supercharging would be the best combo for a small engine and you get to utilize some un-lag power through out the range. Rear diffuser, this is the cherry to the complete aerokit.

I think i am not gonna change anything on this car except for better and wider wheels. The rest id rather appreciate what has been designed. As we all know we always want to have something that has been done in our mind which we usually couldn't adapt and accept new changes. In other words, this is a "Proton Satria Neo" on steroids :)

Click Paul Tan's blog for more photos.