Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Panda's Long Hiatus

It is almost new year and the last time i blogged was almost a year a go. I am here. Did not go to Alaska and live with the bears (which i dream to do it one crazy day). So yeah, here i am back in action.

After my last entry i had gotten to know that some of my photos were missing. When i checked the links to the photos it seems it was kept in another Blogspot server. I then randomly clicked some of my pages and disappointedly found out many photos were missing. Yes, i felt miserable especially when it comes to the DIY photos which were not that great but it could have help somebody else in achieving the same project. I tried to restore from my backup files but it was fucking tiring. I managed to restore 90% of it and the rest nothing much i can do. Will do it when i have the time.

It was above my head. 2011 was a fantastic, pathetic, shitty, damn productive year i had so far. To balance things off, i am re-starting my blog and this time gonna dedicate more on my little projects.

If you have noticed i have thrown away the online magazines section. You can refer them on your Facebook since they have their pages there. On the write-ups, i left only 2 good guys (my brother and Redza) which are still pursing their mods and projects even i have forgotten to upload their photos *sorry*. The rest which has sold their cars and stopped modding, i have removed them for good. I have also lost contact with some of them. You can always do a search on them which i did not remove their write-ups for your references. I have checked most of the links and i think Kinsler's website is down at the moment. I have added AT Power for those that like shaft-less ITBs and Clock Wise Motion for roller barrel ITBs. I have added my good friend Hizam's new blog on his Honda Integra DC-5.

Blog Layout
The new templates from Blogspot looks nice, dynamic and bit confusing. So i decided to stay on the same simple style for easier access to my pages.

I have done a few little projects this year which might interest some of you guys. I will update this blog in the coming days and hopefully i can cover all mods for this year before New Year. Just a tip, i did not do anything extraordinary which i believe some people have done it and even proved it legally on the track. As long i manage to keep them documented, i am a bloody happy man.

Hope you guys are well. Those of you whom are still reading my blog, i apologize sincerely for the long hiatus. Keep up with the continuous improvement and dont forget to have fun koz fun do not make you sell your cars *laughs*.