Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Satria Neo Concept

In the recent KLIMS event, i went to see this car. To be honest, i loved it a lot. The black and yellow color contrast is awesome. One thing for sure they managed to fit the new wheels nicely. The engine bay is nice, clean and turbocharged. I got some info on that particular day that this car is gonna be prepped for 2011 time-attack events. With such a small displacement and good torque figures, i have yet to see it perform this year at the track.

Probably this concept model would cost more than the green goblin Neo. But then again, this is the best i have see coming from Proton for sports car enthusiasts. The japanese are already concentrating on hybrid models and also smaller displacement like the 1.5 engines, so i reckoned this is better for petrol heads unless you dont mind driving a family Volvo.

I am giving this car a 10/10. As long R3 is still around, i have good confidence they can do some magic for other future models.