Friday, June 13, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI - J's Racing Air-Duct

I believe some of my mates will be grinning when they see this. And i reckon also they will be busy figuring out on how the hell am i gonna fit this on my front bumper.

This is the J's Racing air-duct specially made for the 2-door Honda Civic EG. They make them in 2 models which are the FRP and carbon fiber series. Since i know carbon fiber is nice but turn ugly if you park the car under the sun for too long, so i decided to get the FRP version which is also cheaper. The air-duct is very light and you dont have to worry about weight problem.

I dont intend to drill a hole infront of my bumper koz i did that the last time and i think the amount of air wasnt sufficient to feed the air-filter area. Since this is my so called mega CAI project, i would like to do it properly and using the right parts to channel the air into the engine bay. As you can see from the well designed shape, its definitely big and smooth enough for air to flow in.

They will be some minor modification that needs to be done on the air-duct and on my front bumper. I will be fitting this air-duct after my repaint work which is the second chapter of the CAI project.

I have to find brand new black screws instead of using the ones that came with the air-duct. The silverish screws will look pathetic on a black surface. The double sided tape wont last long with the extreme heat these days even if its 3M brand.

I will decide what sort of material to use for the flexible hose pipe from the air-duct to the air filter. I have a few options already.

This is a sample photo on how it looks like on a 2-door EG. Very nice.