Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mivek4doddle 2008 Annual Engine Bay Shot In Progress

Im planning to get everything done hopefully by July 2008. That means by next month i should already be adding another engine bay shot to the annual engine bay gallery collection.

Things Done :
  • Custom matte black valve cover restoration (before : yellow)
  • SAMCO hoses upgrades (before : SARD)
  • GOODRIDGE steel braided hoses (before : ordinary gas hoses)

Things Removed :

  • SPOON reservoir covers

Future Upgrades :

  • Project CAI system (installation by end of June 2008)
  • Ceramic coated headers (no dateline yet)

If i dont have a power steering system and a air conditioning system, life would be so much easier to clean and have a nice clean wire-tucked engine bay. Unfortunately, having a daily driven street car with full factory parts, its already an obligation to clean it weekly inside out by all means.