Monday, June 30, 2008

Mivek4doddle Project CAI Installation & Updates

I have been a fan of black heatwraps. They just look oldschool to me. Been seeing them allot in Biker's Built-Off shows on Discovery Real Time. I wanted to find DEI brand but they were prolly out stock. So i bought myself a roll of Thermotec Cool-It black graphite (1"x50") heatwrap.

  • Toolbox
  • 2 pieces of stainless steel clamps
  • A bag of black cable-ties
  • Gloves

It took me 1.5 hours to do everything. The gloves were necessary as the wraps were impregnated with graphite and contains fiberglass. The itch will slow down your work definitely. The installation was straight forward. I spent a lot of time wrapping the tube since the tube was slippery and the wraps werent that soft as i expected.

Once wrapped, i had to use the stainless steel clamps for both tube ends. The cable-ties were meant to tighten the wraps since the wrap werent tight enough and i worry that water might sprinkle into it.

Im gonna miss the bling-bling but the project CAI functionality is mandatory.

Part 1 Project CAI is completed. Part 2 will commence in early August 2008.

Thermotec really have good products. Check out their online catalog.