Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VISION TechnicaSport Aero Mirrors Type-TC

Warning : Oldschool Stuff. Dont Like, Please Go Away

Yesterday the courier guy came and i was all smiling looking at the parcel. I have ordered the VISION aero mirrors Type-TC for my car. They are brand new and somehow or rather i just love the oldschool design. They prolly made these mirrors 10-15 years ago.

VISION did not make specifically for my car so as usual i need to get something with the almost same measurement design to custom fit it on my car.

Well to be honest, i like Craft Square mirrors very much but the prices are sick expensive. Furthermore, the sun in Malaysia arent friendly to CF parts. Unless i blanket my car to sleep and drive them only at night that would be another story.

Ganador mirrors are nice. Commonly available and affordable. Normal or CF type. But too many people seems to be using them *yawns*.

I have not seen anyone using this VISION Type-TC yet around my area. Maybe there are poeple using them unknowingly. Looks like i just dug another mummy. Ha ha.

This is part of my build-up project. Will fit them after my car re-painting works.

Thanks to Danny SHH Pro-Shop for the toy.

VISION TechnicaSport : http://www.technicasport.co.jp/
Craft Square : http://www.craftsquare.co.jp/
Ganador : http://www.ganador.co.jp/