Saturday, August 09, 2008

Never Had A Volk Racing TE-37 But If I Do....

I would go for the green Volk Racing TE-37. I have no idea what is the correct colour code but if you happen to watch JGTC live or on tv, you'll see the TAKATA NSX are using the green Volk magnesium.

So i reckoned people ordered them from Volk and have them custom the same colour. Since it came from the TAKATA NSX, the colour are almost the same with the harness. Maybe its not that shiny compared to the harness due to the powdercoating effect.

I have some photos found on the net. If you dont like green and you think they are ugly, you can always follow others *yawns*.

Takata Green? Hulk Green? Hospital Green?.. I rike.