Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FACEOFF : Mirage VIE to Mirage Cyborg-R

(Taken using my IPhone)

Long time ago before i swapped the VIE front bumper with a Cyborg front hood, it was quite hard to find complete front clips of the Cyborg-R unless you buy the whole halfcut. It was either something was broken or something was missing to one of the parts which made me turn back and went home in dismay.

So i kept my patience(believe me, i have tonnes of them) and not long ago, i would say a year ago when i found the complete front body parts for the Cyborg-R at the local wrecker. The price was just slightly below market price which i reckoned i was heading for a good deal.

It came complete with no serious dents or broken lights and every thing was intact including the projector spotlights. Since my build-up project do not require spotlights, i had to remove the whole system and left the holes open. You must be asking why didnt i just buy the Cyborg-RS bumper?. Well since i wasnt lucky to find any Cyborg-RS front clips, it was also good so that i wouldnt waste my time cutting holes on the bumper.

I still see few local adverts stating the Cyborg-R bumper with projector spotlights being labelled as Cybord-RS. I noticed people get worked out easily with this "RS" word. They seem to think RS means "complete", "full-spec" and whatever they had in mind. The mixed up with Honda Si-Rs and Type-Rs parts really influenced and disoriented the Mitsubishi community. *Sigh*

The process took 1.5 hours to swap with some minor fitting adjustments. I didnt ask them to fit it perfectly as it would take more time. I'll leave that during the paintwork process.

I have restored my headlights and signal many months ago. You can do a SEARCH on my blog.

After i saw my brother's CR-X being sanded down for the paintworks, i knew my time to fit the frontclip was just around the corner.

Used Mitsubishi Cyborg-R Front Clip : RM1xxx

Labour Charges : RM1XX